Black and White and Green with Envy

Chic Little Belle

Rain, rain, you can stay…but only for a little while. I may be cooped up inside, but at least I have the blogosphere to keep me company. Just because I can’t stretch my legs and work my biceps while carrying my shopping bags doesn’t mean I can’t add a few items to my cute, little online shopping cart. Nice try, Mother Nature, but I am still happy sitting behind my computer screen. This outfit makes me happy because it’s simple but then again it screams chic from the mountain-tops. I love wearing the basic colors and then have a little pop of color. With me being 5’2″ wedges are my best friends when it comes to comfort and elongating my pocket size legs. Make sure tomorrow you look for a new post about my must have beauty buys. XOXO, CLB. Black and White with a Pop of Color

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About ShooLiciousBlog

I created this Blog because like myself, Women love shoes. This Blog will "Keep You In The Know" about what's trending, beauty, etc.
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