Trend Report: The Must-Have Shorts Suits

Short Suit

Caught my eyes last season & still “in” for this Summer,  my current “coup de coeur” are  Shorts Suits. I fell in love with this oh-so-feminine take on menswear! The matching two-piece blazer and shorts ensemble are truly lust-worthy.

By now you probably have an idea about my style motto – Effortless, Chic & Feminine. Well! no wonder I am drooling over the slouchy, effortless yet polished & classy  look of  Shorts Suits. Oh! and not to forget the masculine silhouette is just cherry on top of the cake!

And ladies who says dressing up for a 9-5 day at work has to be boring…The High Society approves the Shorts Suits for the office.

In fact I couldn’t agree more with take on Shorts Suits ” The right set is chic enough for most offices but still playful enough for a night out”… a lesson in contradiction…

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