Current Trend Craving: Ankle Straps

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Ankle Straps
Picture yourself strolling the winding streets of Paris in the midst of fashion week. A birkin bag, an amazingly luxe peacoat, and the ultimate accessory.  Just above your perfectly pedicured toes is the daintiest (or thickest) ankle strap on your beautiful pair of heels.  This may just be my ultimate daydream, but heels with ankle straps seem to take me instantly to a beautiful, chic foreign place.  Not only this, but the straps make any pair of legs look instantly slimmer. Whether you’re feeling ladylike with delicate, slender straps, or a little more daring with chunky straps, this trend is huge right now and I’m totally in support.  Now, excuse me while I peruse more pairs of ankle strap heels and listen to some French pop.

Bionda Castana high heel sandals
$645 –

TIBI high heels

Kate spade

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